What People Say About Our Pets As Therapy Visits

Quotes taken from ‘pets as therapy’ visit reports from nursing homes, hospitals, respite centres, retirement villages, schools, groups and individuals, and our pets as therapy visitors

“Congratulations on the fantastic work you are doing – not only by enhancing the well-being of individuals, but also by promoting the benefits of pet ownership and interaction with animals.
Through programs such as yours, the community can be made more aware of the needs of special needs groups and of the needs of our pets. As an Occupational Therapist, many of my clients have depression secondary to illness/ disability. When I question them about what they look forward to or what provides them with enjoyment, many of them say that the only thing that they enjoy in life is their cat or dog. I have even heard people say that their pet is the only thing keeping them alive.”

Nicole D, Occupational Therapist, Gold Coast

“Mrs C. responded to Benny by moving her arms that haven’t moved for some time.”

“The best experiences from today’s visit with Bonnie, was seeing the smiles on people’s faces.”

“It was a great day. All the residents had a wonderful time at Cricket’s birthday party, eating, drinking and playing with cricket. We were sorry when it was time for Cricket to leave.”

“It was wonderful watching Mrs R. walking Shayna up the hallway and learning from Louise the volunteer how to command the dog to sit. Mrs R’s face lit up with joy to know she was in control of such a powerful dog.”

“The best thing is to watch the resident’s expressions when they saw Tyson and Boofy. They all very much loved the visit and are looking forward to the next one.”

“An excellent response from most residents especially from Elizabeth who talked and smiled for the first time in ages.”

“Smiles and animated expressions from our frail and immobile residents. Our residents greatly appreciate and enjoy their visits from Umbi and Dotti.”

“A usually quiet and subdued resident was animated when she patted the dog.”

“The dogs really lit up the residents’ faces with smiles.”

“My best experience was seeing the happy faces and generally big joy.”

“Lots of interaction by all residents. The dogs have now won over all residents. So all participate which is wonderful.”

“The dogs were great therapy especially for Roma and Hilda who cheered up tremendously.”

“Mary had memory recall for the first time by remembering the dogs names and told me to take a holiday so she could look after my dogs for a week.”

“The residents loved the visits from the dogs. They cuddled them and talked to them.”

“Great interaction from residents – throwing the ball, brushing, kissing and cuddling the dogs. Marge was very talkative for a change and said that she loved the dogs.”

“The best experience is the joy it always brings to the residents. It increases stimulation.”

“The best experience for me was when the lady who never responds to anything, opened her eyes and held Benny’s paw for some minutes.”

“The residents’ eyes lit up when the dogs walked into the room.”

“The best experience was the smile on the bed-bound lady. She rarely speaks at all but we got her to say a few words.”