We are celebrating 25 years of service

We are over the moon that we have had the opportunity to offer our unique brand of Pets As Therapy to our community for 25 years.

We’ve loved getting involved in pet shows, pet expos, offering educational workshops and even getting involved in “dancing with dogs.”

Our estimation is that during this time we’ve trained close to 1000 volunteers (our own and for other groups), 750 health professionals and people wanting to take their pet to work, fostered and rehomed 60 dogs, cats, rabbits and other homeless pets, and offered the joy and companionship to over half a million people in nursing homes, hospitals, group homes and to individuals in the private sector.

We are enormously proud of ourselves and of all the  totally amazing people that have supported us and been a part of our valuable team. I can never thank you enough for brining not only my dream to come true, but also the dreams of all those half a million people living without dogs, in need of the comfort and joy of the human / animal bond.

Dear team… thank you… thank you.. thank you.


dancing with dogs team show medals

dancing with dogs team show medals