There is unlimited evidence and studies of what us pet lovers have always known. Pets enhance our lives!

If you have a profession in which a pet will enhance your work, we have a perfect course or workshop for you.

Our courses and workshops are perfect for all therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, doctors, nurses, carers, teachers, teaching assistants, ministers, shop workers… and anyone wanting to take their pet to work.

After 23 years working in Pets As Therapy, I am totally aware of the huge benefits a well trained, friendly pet accompanied by a specifically trained handler, can make to any environment.

Here at Velma’s, we’ve developed tried and tested, easy to use and study courses and workshops for groups and individuals, specific to Pets As Therapy and pets at work.

Request our FREE quick questionnaire to determine if you and your pet are suitable to be trained for Pets As Therapy, or to take your pet to work in a shop or office. Return the completed questionnaire and we will assess it for free. Email us here.