Course Student Testimonials

I enjoyed learning more about my dog, training, how to approach residents with my pet but also how to protect my pet.
I loved hearing stories, examples from Velma about the affect pet therapy had on people and in different situations, knowing when to approach patients and when not to, how they should feed my pet, etc.

I enjoyed learning about health and safety for patients and residents. I knew I wanted to take my dog in and make a difference but Velma has shown I can do this safely, using risk assessing to prevent transferring infections. I did not understand fully before even though I had been trained in cross contaminations. Velma’s course has explained specifically the risks with pet therapy and how to avoid them.

I’m now very aware of pet burnout, which I wasn’t before and what my pet needs when going into facility including rest after an hour, and how I can do this besides natural breaks, toileting, drinks, and walks including the patients. The way the course is set out enabled me to really learn, as I was going over important points more then once.

Velma has been great, understanding, helpful and totally assisted me with learning to put quality and meaning into people’s lives, some who have no one. Thank you Velma.

...Robyn – team leader in high care dementia

I know some other programs offer Pets As Therapy training that goes for just a few days where you take your dog along and they give the dog temperament training etc. But I’m learning so much more than my colleagues. Your course has been so thorough. My colleagues aren’t learning about risk assessments,
safe positioning of the pet or using infection control, etc.

Gabe is proving very popular and has his own little waiting list of kids wanting to book appointments. Now we’ve finished the course we’re so looking forward to starting.

...Brooklyn – child psychologist

What I like most about the course was the clear, easy to read and follow information. Initially I was unsure but now feel confident to take my pet on visits and that I will do so in a way that is safe for me, Taco my pet and other people that we meet during the visit.

...Jennipher – independent volunteer

Thanks Velma. Coco is now visiting and doing amazing work with her new skills and very much loved by all. I couldn’t have done this without you and also your knowledge, expertise and help. Your business module was the best, invaluable! Thanks so much Velma for everything.

…Sharon – Community Carer