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Want To Take Your Pet To Work? Pet Therapy Courses

There is unlimited evidence and studies of what us pet lovers have always known. Pets enhance our lives! If you have a profession in which a pet will enhance your work, we have a perfect course or workshop for you. Our courses and workshops are perfect for all therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, doctors, nurses, carers, teachers, teaching assistants, ministers, shop workers... and anyone wa

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Easy Dog Training using Love, Fun and Dog Psychology eBook

Unique, fun, educational, family friendly dog training book now available! Why unique? Because the co-author is Fleur, a Standard Poodle! Fleur explains how dogs think and feel about what we say and do around them. All profits from this eBook are donated to not-for-profits. 50% is donated to Velma’s Pets As Therapy registered charity. 50% is donated to the veterinarian and food costs for rescued anima

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