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Seeking Pets As Therapy visits in the Sydney and Central Coast regions?

Volunteers Wanted! Volunteering in and around Sydney?

Is my pet suitable to train for pets as therapy? 


Seeking Pets As Therapy in the Sydney and Central Coast regions?

We have a reliable, highly trained, professional, pet therapy team waiting to visit you.

We operate throughout Sydney and the Central Coast.

To get a good idea of who we are and what we do, please check out our video Four Legged Angels, below.


Watched the video? Want more details?

To receive our full details to visit your nursing home, hospital, facility, school, college, university, workplace, group or individual, please contact us with details of whom you want us to visit and why?




Volunteers Wanted! Volunteering in and around Sydney?

We operate throughout regions of Sydney and the Central Coast.

Our volunteers often tell me that they and their pet often get as much deep enjoyment from offering pet therapy as do the clients they visit, and you could experience that too!

For full details on becoming a volunteer with Velma’s Pets As Therapy charity, please complete the questionnaire below. We will then send you the full details and answer all your questions.

Please watch our videos to see if this is something for you and your pet before completing the questionnaire.

Four-Legged Angels


Velma’s Pets As Therapy Volunteers speak out


Watched the videos? Want more volunteering details?

Please note that due to recent restrictions you will be required to have a current flu vaccination in order to enter a nursing home.


Please complete our Volunteers’ questionnaire.

Please email us details of yourself and your pet and why you are considering becoming a Pets As Therapy volunteer; and we will send you our full details plus our Volunteers Questionnaire. Please also ask us any specific questions you wish to know.