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Velma's Pets As Therapy cat

Velma’s Pets As Therapy cat on a hospital visit with a cat lover

1. Velma’s Pets As Therapy Foundation Certificate eCourse – taken online

pet animal assisted therapy in nursing homes and hospitals

This course is perfect for anyone considering starting, developing or enhancing a Pets As Therapy / Animal Assisted Therapy program.

We have 23+ years’ experience in the Pets As Therapy / Animal Assisted Therapy industry. You couldn’t be in more expert hands.


Course content

This course is especially designed for people wanting to –

  • Take their pet to work to enhance the work environment.
  • To enhance your work as a therapist, counselor, doctor, nurse, dentist, teacher, carer, minister, etc.
  • To enhance a location such as a work space, a waiting room / reception area, nursing home, hospital, school, or any commercial or public area such as a shop.
  • Commence or develop a pet therapy program in a health care facility or location.
  • Commence a pet therapy / animal assisted therapy business or volunteer organization.
  • Train as a pet therapy / animal assisted therapy volunteer to operate at professional standards.

This course includes professional standards and protocols. It  focuses on how to offer safe and beneficial, pet / client interaction using specific protocols to avoid risk of accidental scares, cross infection, or injuries to the client / people, and to the pet using –

  • Health and safety.
  • Risk assessment and management.
  • Infection control and management.
  • Pet control and management.
  • Specific pet placement for the most benefit with the least risk of accidental scares or injuries with the client or pet.

The course includes 3 main lessons using –

  • Essential, important and useful operational downloadable suggestions, standards, checklists and templates including commencing a business or charity, legal and insurance regulations and issues, health and safety regulations and standards, marketing, managing, effective bookkeeping, report writing, etc. (Just edit our templates to add your own details and letter head.)
  • Easy to follow training film and dog / pet training manual using kind, reward based motivational methods absolutely no force, punishments or corrections.
  • Assessment and learning quizzes.
  • The course content can be used as an easy and reference, operations manual.

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2. Pets As Therapy Advanced Certificate Course – taken by email

It’s a prerequisite to successfully complete our Pets As Therapy Foundation Certificate eCourse.

This course is written specifically for each individual course student in the form of a “success plan” to achieve their own individual pet therapy / animal assisted therapy expectation. Students are assigned their own personal trainer for unlimited support.

This includes –

  • We initially interview you to ascertain your specific pet therapy goals and expectations, then write a ‘success plan’ with easy to follow, step by step tasks to take you to your goal.
  • You making a video demonstrating that you have a working knowledge of our health and safety protocols with your pet, and a friend role playing a client, using various scenarios related to how you intend to offer pet therapy / animal assisted therapy.
  • Your veterinarian using our specific checklist to assess your pet.
  • On success an ‘advanced pets as therapy’ course completion certificate including you and your pet’s name.

FREE QUIZ – Am I and my suitable to train for Pet Therapy / Animal Assisted Therapy and will we enjoy it?

We’ve created a FREE quiz for you to take including information you should know about what is likely to be expected of you and your pet.

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If you prefer our input please email us here and we’ll email you the quiz. Send the completed quiz to us and we will offer a free virtual assessment from your answers.

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