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Pets As Therapy Foundation Certificate eCourse

Our Pets As Therapy Certificate eCourse is perfectly suited for professionals  such as psychologists/psychiatrists, all therapists, counsellors, ministers, doctors/nurses and teachers; as well as volunteers, individuals, groups, organisations and anyone wanting to take their pet to work.

This course is provided by email attachments, and each course student has a real-life expert tutor. We have 23+ years’ experience in the Pets As Therapy industry. You couldn’t be in more expert hands.

Unlike generic courses, we work with you focusing on your own unique, individual pet therapy service you intend to offer, with your own unique and individual pet, taking into account their species, personality and breed.

Special offer! This course usual fee is AUS $720.00. If you are in lock down, we are offering this amazing, highly valuable course at $350.00. Offer ends soon.

We want you and your pet prepared and trained to offer Pet Therapy when lock down ends as so many community members will need your valuable service.

We offer FREE pet assessments

We want you and your pet to successfully complete our courses. Therefore, we assess each pet for suitability to train for Pet Therapy for free, BEFORE you register and pay for the course.

To pass the full course pets need to be well mannered in basic obedience. However, our pet assessment at this stage is not focused on how good your pet is at obedience commands, as most pets can be trained using our non-forceful, reward based, kind and fun methods using pet psychology. (You will learn excellent, successful, kind and fun pet training skills in our course. We use pet training methods that pets want people to use because it’s fun and rewarding.) We know that the priority is the pet’s health and temperament for likely suitability.

For the full details and course fee, please email details of your pet, and your intentions of how you wish to include the pet in Pet Therapy, or take our free pet assessment quiz here…

Find out if you and your pet are suitable to train for Pet Therapy. Take this short FREE quiz – contact us and request our free quiz and assessment.


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