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Our Pets As Therapy,  Individually Tailored, Certificate eCourse is designed and perfectly suited for professionals (psychologists/psychiatrists, all therapists, counselors, ministers, doctors/nurses, teachers), volunteers, individuals, groups, organisations and anyone wanting to take their pet to work.

We have 23+ years’ experience in the Pets As Therapy industry. You couldn’t be in more expert hands.

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Am I and my pet likely to be suitable for Pets As Therapy?

This is a self-assessment quiz. Before you take any of our courses please take this quiz. We provide a full and educated response, to each of your answers to important leading questions. By the end of the quiz you should have a very sound indication as to yours and your pet’s likelihood to not only enjoying Pets As Therapy / Animal Assisted Therapy, but also if you are likely to go onto being highly successful at this immensely valuable and beneficial service.




Velma’s Pets As Therapy Foundation Certificate Course