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Love dogs? Then this is your best dog training book ever! Easy Dog Training using Love, Fun and Dog Psychology

Well... I might say "best ever" because I wrote it but the truth is, it's best ever because Fleur, my Standard Poodle was the co-author! Fleur explains how dogs think and feel about what we say and do around them. Unique, fun, educational, family friendly dog training book now available! Check out the full details here Amazing table of contents All dog training should be fun for you and the dog

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How do dogs want adults and children to meet and greet them?

Watch here When you want to meet a pet Treat them with complete respect Pets have thoughts and feelings too They hurt and cry just like you Be calm and quiet never loud Don’t tease or bully they are proud Show them you are kind and sweet Don’t touch their head face tail or feet Their happiness depends on you Be caring kind and gentle too… Respect

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