Animal Welfare League are encour aging Residential Aged Care Facilities to Allow Residents to Keep Their Pets:

I supported the AWL to help encourage and support the managers and board members of residential care facilities to keep their pet when entering their care.

We at Velma’s Pets have been aware of the multiple benefits pets are especially to aged, frail and vulnerable people. Twenty plus years ago when I started Velma’s Pets As Therapy, the first few years was taken up mainly by convincing facilities to allow our ‘pets as therapy’ pets access.

For many years we’ve always had a customer waiting list for our various services; demonstrating that the word of the many benefits of pets is out.

We are currently generating a list of pet friendly residential care facilities.

If you know of any facilities please let us know so we can pop them on our list.

We are also currently volunteers to support frail, aged and disabled residents in pet management.

If you are interested and live anywhere in NSW, please let me know.