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Velma’s Pets As Therapy Training School

Velma and Honey

Velma and Honey in 1999

Honey, was the inspiration for founding Velma’s Pets As Therapy in 1999
We have been in the Pets As Therapy industry for 23+ years. You can’t be in better hands.
Welcome to the deeply valuable, amazing benefits, and often magical world of Pets As Therapy!

WELCOME to the amazing world of Pets As Therapy (2.42 min)

You’re in the right place if you want to…

Know if you and your pet are suitable

Velma's Pets As Therapy trained visitors

  Establish if you and your pet are likely suitable for pets as therapy. FREE self assessment quiz.

 Train to offer Pets As Therapy

shaking hands with dog  Pet Therapy / Animal Assisted Therapy eCourses Train yourself and your pet to offer safe and successful pets as therapy

 Start a Pets As Therapy Program

mrs layton and molly and raeleenCommence or develop a pets as therapy program in your own location

Book a Visit


Book a specifically trained pet therapy visitor to visit you, your clients, group, individual, family or friend

Get Online Resources

person typing on laptopeBooks interesting, entertaining, educational and fun

Our e-Resources

eCourse – Pets As Therapy Foundation Certificate Online Course

Perfect for health professionals, therapists, carers, ministers, teachers, anyone wanting to take their pet to work and volunteers

eBook – Easy dog training using love, fun and dog psychology

Dog training from a dog’s point of view.

Author: Velma Violet Harris with 25+ years dog trainer / behaviour consultant

Co-author: Fleur Harris, Standard Poodle, loving companion and super smart cookie

Enriching the lives of people, and pets by bringing them together safely, and respectfully, for mutual benefits.

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